Madrid, Spain. July 10, 2014 x

Madrid, Spain. July 10, 2014 x


Petition to get fanfic writers to stop calling testicles “soft globes” or any variations of. It’s like the genitals versions of “emerald orbs”

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Remember how Niall had “I fucking love cock” written on his hand?


Remember that time that Niall had “I <3 Harry’s willy” written on his hand?


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Anonymous asked: Weird question, but I always have trouble drawing harry's head. -_- Do you know of a shape his head may resemble to make it easy? xx


i dont know how else to explain it sorry ahahah

one direction - TAKE ME HOME[deluxe edition] - first lines [insp

If we could only turn back time…..

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McBusted open for 1D in Paris, France [x]

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